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luxury world
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reat comfort, esp. as provided by expensive and beautiful possessions, surroundings, or food, or something enjoyable and often expensive but not necessary: [ U ] a life of luxury [ U ] a luxury hotel [ C ] Having an extra bathroom was at first a luxury, but after we had children it became a necessity.

"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."

Experience design at scale

  1. The Welcoming. Some years back I was invited to be a guest at the award ceremony for the Polar …
  2. Establishing a world. Events of all sorts are an excuse to escape the every day routine. It’s an alibi to …
  3. Sequences. The bigger the size of the event, the more important it is to think about what in what …
  4. Friction. We’ve talked about three aspects of experience design that creates a good flow in …

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Understand your user experience

  • Initial Impressions. You must make a great first impression! If we are talking about a website then we can probably…
  • Ease of Use. So you’ve managed to make a good first impression. That’s awesome. Now we have to worry about the ease of…
  • Depth. How much depth does your site have? Does it just have a few products or maybe just a couple of well-written…
  • Relevancy. Post often and be relevant. Have you taken the time to research up to date information? Make sure that your…

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remain responsive across devices

Did you know that over 52% of the people worldwide use their phones to access the internet? 40% of users make their way to a competitive site if they have had a bad mobile experience. 

You must be aware of how your site translates across different devices, especially mobile devices! You want your website to flow seamlessly from desktop to tablet and then to the phone.  When using a mobile device, your site needs to be readable without having to zoom in. 

Also, you don’t want to have to scroll horizontally. Isn’t that annoying?  There should be plenty of space for tap targets.

Remaining responsive across all devices ensures your visitor has a positive experience with you and your website. This positive experience could in turn lead to clicks on affiliate products you promote.  Success in affiliate marketing depends on access to your website, whether on a mobile device or desktop. 

Below are a couple of ways to provide an optimal user experience.

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